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Mission of the York Energy Efficiency Committee

Our mission is to respond to the global warming crisis by promoting energy efficiency, alternative energy, and environmental initiatives throughout the town of York, Maine.

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[Source: The US Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)]

CO2 Now

Current CO2 Level in the Atmosphere


Greener leaf management

Before getting out the leaf blower, consider this from IMG_0583-1

Just because the leaves start losing their green in the fall doesn’t mean you have to. When managing fallen leaves this autumn, be a steward of the environment and avoid using a gas powered leaf blower. The Washington Council of Governments reported in 2002 that gas powered lawn and garden equipment emitted 81.6 tons per day of volatile organic compounds and 12.6 tons daily of nitrogen oxides, putting the lawn care industry in second place in the DC region for VOCs and fourth for NOx.  These compounds react with sunlight to produce ozone [PDF file]. Avoid toxins and get a little exercise instead by recruiting some neighbors for a leaf-raking party. …you can compost leaves and grass clippings in your own backyard.

If composting isn’t practical for you, see if a neighbor will take them. If all else fails, the town of York accepts leaves, grass clippings, etc. at the Recycling Facility on Witchtrot Road off of Route 91 on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 9am to 4pm year round.

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