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Mission of the York Energy Efficiency Committee

Our mission is to respond to the global warming crisis by promoting energy efficiency, alternative energy, and environmental initiatives throughout the town of York, Maine.

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[Source: The US Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)]

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What are you doing to be greener this year?

It may be your New Year’s resolution or just an ongoing effort to conserve energy, save money, or live a more sustainable life.

Please click the “Comments” link below and share one or more specific steps that you are taking to be a little bit greener in 2010.

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3 comments to What are you doing to be greener this year?

  • Eric Hopkins

    I think my New Year’s resolution is two-fold. First, I’d like to recommit myself to doing some of the little things that I’ve let slide since my family and I moved into our new house. Things like, composting our organic waste – and remembering to bring my reusable grocery bags every time I go to the grocery store. Second, I’d like to follow through on my goal of getting the windows in my house replaced. I planned on doing it when we first moved in in June, but never got around to it – and then we spent the money we had budgeted for it. Now that’s it’s winter and the windows leak heat like a sieve, I’ve been kicking myself ever since. So, I’d like to try again this year.

  • We are also planning to continue some small things like using a power strip to turn off our TV and cable box every night and on work days. We are trying to limit driving miles by combining trips and by buying locally or online whenever possible.

    Last year, we had a home energy audit done by George of Gendron Construction Services, and it helped us find some heat loss areas, but I still have some insulating to do around the foundation and basement.

    And we’ll expand the vegetable garden, try some different crops, and hopefully preserve more food for the winter months.

  • Victoria Simon

    I want to think about the people on the other end of cheap oil. Try to imagine real people trying to feed their families on disgraceful wages and deplorable conditions so we can buy cheap stuff. I’m hoping this will stop me from buying stuff I don’t need and inspire me to buy local and Fair Trade when I do.

    I want to have the chutzpah to bug Hannafords to reduce one use plastic bags and help them step up their promotion of re-usables. And go to Rite Aid after that with the same message.

    I’m going to ask Wayne about this power strip stuff because I’m afraid that if I stop feeding my computer it will stop!

    I may try and trade credits (like cap and trade) so I can continue to use my clothes dryer with less guilt!!