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Mission of the York Energy Efficiency Committee

Our mission is to respond to the global warming crisis by promoting energy efficiency, alternative energy, and environmental initiatives throughout the town of York, Maine.

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[Source: The US Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)]

CO2 Now

Current CO2 Level in the Atmosphere


U. S. Can Reduce Oil Dependence By 79 Billion Gallons

An organization called Environment America has studied the issues and recommended some concrete steps to reduce oil consumption.

The cost of our oil dependence has grown out of control, from the outrageous price we pay at the pump, to the pollution of the air that we breathe, to our contribution to global warming, to disasters like the Gulf spill last year and the ongoing spill in the Yellowstone River. Today’s report shows how we can bring the United States closer to the day when we will no longer fear the impact of Big Oil on our paychecks, our environment and our public health.

Some of the policies recommended in the report include:

  •  setting fuel efficiency standards that make 60-mpg cars the norm by 2025
  • enacting a Clean Fuels Standard that will stimulate billions in investment in electric vehicles and advanced fuel technologies
  • doubling access to public transportation
  • enacting policies to encourage telecommuting, smart growth, and biking and walking.

From Climate Progress. Full report: Getting Off Oil: A 50 State Roadmap to Curbing Our Dependence on Petroleum.


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