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Mission of the York Energy Efficiency Committee

Our mission is to respond to the global warming crisis by promoting energy efficiency, alternative energy, and environmental initiatives throughout the town of York, Maine.

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[Source: The US Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)]

CO2 Now

Current CO2 Level in the Atmosphere


Addressing both environmental destruction and social inequality

Just how dumb do they think we are?

Who would believe that destroying the ecosystems on which all life depends, while dis-employing more and more people, is somehow good for the economy? Whose economy?

But that’s exactly the fiction that has been successfully marketed to us: jobs versus the environment.

The next economy that’s now emerging is a restoration economy. It’s founded in restoring the ecosystems whose life-support services nature provides for free, like clean air and water, pollination and healthy soil. It’s also founded in job-creation – putting people to work on the mammoth endeavor of restoring the health of both lands and communities.

It’s simple, really: Taking care of nature means taking care of people – and taking care of people means taking care of nature.

From the series, Bioneers, Revolution from the Heart of Nature, an episode titled The Green-Collar Economy: Jobs, Justice and Prosperity with Van Jones and Majora Carter.

The Green-Collar Economy: Jobs, Justice and Prosperity

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