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Mission of the York Energy Efficiency Committee

Our mission is to respond to the global warming crisis by promoting energy efficiency, alternative energy, and environmental initiatives throughout the town of York, Maine.

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[Source: The US Department of Energy's Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)]

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York Energy Steering Committee

What is the Energy Steering Committee?

The Energy Steering Committee (ESC) is distinct from the York Energy Efficiency Committee (a.k.a. York Goes Green), although their goals are complimentary. Whereas YEEC is a citizen’s group open to all York residents, the ESC is an advisory committee (five regular members and two alternates) appointed by the Board of Selectmen. YEEC’s mission is primarily advocacy and education with the goal of helping the community of York become greener and more sustainable. The ESC has the narrower goal of improving the energy efficiency of municipal buildings, vehicles, and infrastructure and of helping the town take advantage of renewable energy options.

What has the Energy Steering Committee done?

Since 2009, the Energy Steering Committee has worked to identify opportunities for saving future energy use in municipal buildings through improvements in weatherization and insulation and by installing more efficient electrical and heating equipment. In three separate warrant articles specified for this purpose, York voters have, by large margins, approved a total of $400,000. These expenditures have been part of the long-term capital plan of the town and are consistent with York’s Comprehensive Plan.

What else does the Energy Steering Committee do?

Whenever possible, the Energy Steering Committee will work with municipal departments, the school system, and appointed building committees to advise them of strategies for “building in” energy efficiency for all major renovations and new construction projects. Most of these strategies are based on principles of sound design and do not necessarily require spending more money during construction. However, if an additional investment can be shown to lead to a more energy efficient and more economical operation over the long run, the ESC may recommend expenditure of designated energy funds.